Today's spellings are:
Remember to choose 5 of your own and bring in your spelling sentences.
Shopping Trip
Today we had a very successful trip to the clothing material shops. A big thanks to all of the parents that came along. Visit here and look at the bottom of the page for some photos.

Mandarin Homework
Activity 1:
Please listen to the recordings.

Activity 2
Practice to speak aloud. Record into Vociethread you speaking,

Activity 3:
Draft your group presentation in English. (Before Feb 4th)
Laoshis will help with translation, and Group members need to read aloud and memorise. (Feb. 5th-9th)
All students should have brought their reports home today.

We would like you to do an online reflection. My example is here for you to watch. The example voicethread to teach you is here. You can also watch the how to video for the students here. You will need to log into voicethread using your child's account. They also have a pink sheet for you that has the reflection questions. Some of the students mentioned that their computers at home are do not have microphones to record sound. We would like you to set them to record sound, in the next few weeks there will be more requests to record sound at home, including their current Mandarin homework. 

You need to create an online reflection using Voicethread. The video of how to do this is here. Watch mine here for ideas. Remember your log in has changed. It is your name and your class, for example mine would be andy5ab (then press tab and it will fill in the email address for you). The password is your normal class password.

You also need to add your comment to the Mandarin Voicethread below.
Log in to the voicethread below and add your voice speaking Mandarin,
Today was a very busy day finishing off our Chinese historical models and making full size costumes out of newspaper. We will be using our newspaper templates to plan how much material we need to buy on our shopping trip on Monday.

The homework until Tuesday is to do research about the invention you chose. Remember these key questions to guide your inquiry. How has my costume changed over time? What other inventions have been influenced by my invention? When has the invention been used? Key search words are - evolution and change. Use your group or individual Stixy to keep your research in.

Add your blogs about our religion into Wordle and bring in the photo files tomorrow for your movie. Visit www.wordle.net
Dear Parents,

The Grade 5 students are currently working on their lino printing plates inspired by their research on a chosen area of personal adornments. This is part of the 'I Believe' Unit.

As you may have seen, the students have come home with their lino pieces, cutting tools and sketchbooks. The students have been taught how to use the tools safely (how to hold the tools, where to put their hands/fingers, which blades to use etc). They all know which parts they will be cutting too.
The tools are sharp but if the students are using them as they have been taught to do, they cannot cut themselves; however, inevitably there may be one or two minor accidents.

I have said to the students that they must show you the tools and only use them when there is an adult around. We have also talked about making sure that they put them away after use in the sealed ziploc bag. I asked them if they could then put them in another ziploc (if you could spare one) just to make sure they are sealed properly. We also talked about the importance of putting the tools away after use because of younger siblings and pets.

Grade 5 students, this what you need to do for homework:
1. You will need to warm the lino up to soften it (quite regularly!)
2. Always make sure that you cut on top of the back inside cover of your sketchbooks. This will protect the surface on which you are cutting!
3. Remember, the tool should be held under the hand (like a knife and fork would be) not like a pencil
4. Some students will need to finish cutting around the image (the outside edge of it - outline) For this you will need blade #5. This is the only blade, which cuts towards you and you need to stand up to use.
5. Then you will need to use blade #1 to go around the cut you have made. Remember, you cut away from you with this one and all the others.
6. Students working on the background: You will need blade # 4 or #5 to cut away the background. Don't forget to always cut from the image towards the edge of the lino.
7. Please remember to watch your fingers (and not the television!)

Oscar had a great idea! He suggested that maybe you could do 15 minutes each day so you could give your hands a rest and it would be a break from other things! It is up to you how you organize your time. Ideally, it would be great if you were able to cut away all the background but I'm not expecting you to spend hours!! I would expect that over the next few days, that you would spend at least an hour on your cutting. I know that some of you will spend more!! You are doing very well with this so far, it is not easy.


Please remember to bring your lino and tools into school on Monday 1 February. You are sharing tools with a partner from 5SM so please make sure your don't forget!
Parents, please could you remind your children about the date too.

Parents or students, please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
Good luck! I can't wait to see your lino next week.

Rachel Bignell
Specialist Team Leader
Visual Art - Primary/Middle/High School
Hong Kong Academy
4/F Chung On Hall
15 Stubbs Road
Hong Kong SAR
Telephone: (00 852) 25758282
This month's casual dress day will be raising money for Haiti. This month (Friday 29th) there is no theme - so sensible, casual dress is all that is needed...But get ready for Literacy week (Book character Day) coming soon!

We have been busy working on our collaborative unit with the Mandarin teachers. Enjoy the photo montage of the last few lessons.

Parent Helpers


It was great to see so many parents in Grade 5 today willing to help us make the Chinese historical costumes for our latest project. These costumes will be shown off during the Chinese New Year assembly. Parents will be fully involved in the process each Chinese lesson, guiding and supporting students as they design and create the costumes. More information will becoming out to those parents who showed interest to participate via Firstclass email from Shane. We look forward to seeing you in the class again soon!
We spent some time today talking about the organisation of our web sites that are our E-portfolios. You should spend some time uploading and linking to content that you have created digitally. Read the list below. I have also updated the draft essay links, look there for yours.

Draft and final essay 'How We Express Ourselves'
Photo of stixy from communities 'How We Organise Ourselves'
Photo of stixy from adornment research 'How We Express Ourselves'
Photo of stixy from religion research 'How We Express Ourselves'
Community work such as posters, titles, glogs, handouts and brochures 'How We Organise Ourselves'
How we learn video from voicethread 'Who We Are'
Music sound files - grade 4 and 5
Chinese Voicethread (new page under subjects)
Link in UOI pages to blog posts about those UOI's