We had a great time today seeing all the artistic endeavors of HKA students. From plays to songs to books and wall hangings we explored the different interpretations of the myths. Well done to all of the HKA staff who organised the week and our visiting artists. A slideshow will be available very soon.

The main homework this week is to continue working on the blogs. Each student must comment on one other blog each night! Well done to Scott for committing to his blog and writing regular posts. Some students are also adding some extra creative pages, well done. Just remember that any video added must be approved by myself and your parents, and you must include a reason why it is there. This reason must be thoughtful. Comments such as 'it's cool' or 'I like it' will not do.

This week you will be teaching our buddies how to make a voicethread. Make sure you know how to. Practice some of the skills that you have learnt. You can make a voicethread about something at home or something you have done recently.
11/15/2009 05:18:01 pm

Arist in residence was awesome can't wait for next year! Our buddies will learn young about voicethread they will be experts by Grade 5! Lastly Blogs r also OSM!!!!

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