ADE poem


This week I'm at an ADE conference in Singapore. During the conference I started writing a poem as one of our activities. I decided that I would ask 5AB to help on the Monday morning. Matthew and Ella were very helpful and recorded their voices for my poem.  A BIG thanks to them. Here is the final version. There is an extra bonus film further below.
The team I was in also created this video about digital portfolios.
3/23/2010 06:15:07 pm

Wow Mr. Birch nice video

3/23/2010 08:45:33 pm

wow! cool videos

3/24/2010 02:45:15 pm

Good video!
The first one is so weird! :)

3/25/2010 01:02:30 am

Those are both good video's, but if I had to choose I liked the first one better.

3/30/2010 04:46:17 pm

wow nice video

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