- You stayed up late doing homework and forgot something. Do you?
a. Make an excuse
b. Do it on the bus
c. Do it in advisory
d. Tell the truth

What would you do? What should you do?

These are some of the questions asked by the Grade 6 students during their transition activities. The Grade 5 students visited the Grade 6 students today to learn more about what happens in Grade 6 and meet some of their middles school peers for next year.
Group Transition Activities
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06/04/2010 11:42pm

(D)I would tell the truth

06/05/2010 12:47am

I would go and tell the teacher what really happened instead of saying that water got all over it an the paper ripped

06/05/2010 3:15pm

I would tell the teacher the truyth too. But I would try to do some in the morning and stuff so a that I might finsh in time.

06/06/2010 7:55pm

d. Tell the truth

06/07/2010 8:11pm

I would definatly tell the truth, but get the message over that you did try.

06/08/2010 12:29am

I would tell the truth. But I would at least try to finish some homework in the morning or on the bus.

06/10/2010 2:39pm

I agree with Scott

06/21/2010 2:24am

Same I agree with scott

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