Today was a very busy day finishing off our Chinese historical models and making full size costumes out of newspaper. We will be using our newspaper templates to plan how much material we need to buy on our shopping trip on Monday.

The homework until Tuesday is to do research about the invention you chose. Remember these key questions to guide your inquiry. How has my costume changed over time? What other inventions have been influenced by my invention? When has the invention been used? Key search words are - evolution and change. Use your group or individual Stixy to keep your research in.

Add your blogs about our religion into Wordle and bring in the photo files tomorrow for your movie. Visit


01/28/2010 8:44pm

where are the heads of the dolls?

01/28/2010 9:49pm

Why can't you tell which one is yours without seeing its face?

01/28/2010 11:11pm

Cool photo

02/02/2010 11:50am

Wow, these are fantastic! I can't wait to see the fashion show!

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