Tomorrow is our cultural food festival. I'm looking forward to you all dressed up in your national costumes and sampling some of the tasty food. From yesterdays comments it sounds like lots of you are too! I hope you take the opportunity to help your parents prepare how to make the food and learn something about your own culture.

Book reviews
Today we spoke about your book reviews. Here are the guidelines.
You have one week from the completion date of the book.
You may complete it as a team, individually or in pairs

You must include
Some form of review
A brief synopsis of the story (via a blurb or within the cartoon)

Choice No. 1 - Create a poster
By hand

Choice No. 2 - Create a cartoon of the book.
By hand
Comic Life

Choice No. 3 - Bookcast
A bookcast is a movie trailer-like audio review of a book.


12/01/2009 7:15pm

I wonder what andy will wear?

12/01/2009 8:32pm

I guess he is going to wear something boring like adults do

12/01/2009 9:11pm

cool title

12/01/2009 9:14pm

Well,It better be intresting!
Last year I was representing Tahiti,But now I don't want to be the only one (including my sister) to represent Tahiti, Its real imberising to go up and be the only ones standing there infront of a big crowd! Now my mom finaly understands me and let me represent the U.S.A! What I'm planing to put on tomorrow is a U.S navy shirt thing that I got very resently, and jeans! Its as simple as that, but with Taiti I would have to put on a head thing that is made of straw and a red dress + lots of shell necklesses! But sence my mon let me go with the U.S.A,I'm all happy and ready to go to school in the 'U.S style!'

12/01/2009 9:14pm

i cant wait for wendsday!

12/01/2009 9:19pm

That was cool! If you don't know what I'm talk'n about... look at the time I sent out a comment and look at Clio's time! SHE COMMENTED ONE MINUET AFTER ME!

12/01/2009 9:19pm

Boring???? Perhaps I might surprise you :-)

12/02/2009 12:14am

U should be happy what u r all representing Lolz
Cant wait to see all of your costume

12/02/2009 12:24am

omg i cant wait to dee andrew and his little brothers
leilanie that was awsom that you dressed as tahiti cause everyone comes in USA

12/02/2009 6:01pm

The coultrul Food fesival was awsome!!!!!!

12/02/2009 8:25pm

Well, I have to say that Andy had a pretty awesome costume. That is only because he was dressed up as a night thingie!!!!!

12/02/2009 8:27pm

The teachers really pigged out at the food festival and they always get so into the holiday costume thing like when Andy dressed up as a cowboy that was funny!

12/02/2009 10:58pm

the parents ate before us arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

12/03/2009 9:29pm

one minuet after leilanie more like one second

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