Class Visit
A big thanks to Virginia who came to our class today to read a book to us. 5AB are learning about reviewing books and Virginia came to introduce Strong to the Hoop by John Coy and Leslie Jean- Bart. Virginia even added a book review to our book recommendations section on the web site here. You too can also recommend a book by clicking here.

Community Experts
A big thanks to all the teachers who came to Grade 5 to answer questions from the communities. Pictures can be found here. I hope you all found them very useful and they gave you more ideas.


Dorothy (comonly known as Dory:)
09/09/2009 8:34pm

That was an awsome book. Check the book reveiws for my book review on "The Penderwicks"

09/10/2009 1:07am

the book was cool i want to read it again

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