Who We Are
This week we will be changing to our new unit, Who We Are. During this unit students will be looking at their learning styles, multiple intelligences, setting themselves goals and teaching lessons! This is a great unit that allows students to explore many different areas of learning and gain more of an understanding into how they and others learn. The spellings this week are all linked to the new unit and you will find some of them harder than usual. Take time to look at them and use a dictionary if needed!

5AB Beach Party

This Wednesday (weather permitting) there will be a class beach party, kindly organised by Lynda Coggins. Full details are below. Hope to see you there!

When?    4pm to 7pm Wednesday 30th September
What?    Volleyball, team scavenger hunt and pizza (more details below)
Who?    G5AB students, parents and teachers
Where?    Repulse Bay beach - the far right side as you look out to sea
Why?    To have some fun

I've been busy adding lots of websites to the links section. There are some great new maths games focusing on decimals, multiplications and a link to lots of math videos. Have a go at number cop tonight!


09/28/2009 9:11pm

lucky me im first to write

and the beach party looks awsomeeee

09/28/2009 9:45pm

I'm so gonna be there! I'm the second person to writeeee!

09/30/2009 10:36pm

lucky thomas and oscar got to get 20 large pieces of pizzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaa

10/01/2009 2:06am

wasnt that beach party fenominal

10/01/2009 4:30pm

it was cancled

10/01/2009 6:28pm

after that beach party I II feel so alive!

10/01/2009 8:56pm

Multiple one of our spelling words!!!!

10/04/2009 3:25pm

the beach party was not canceld

10/05/2009 10:07pm


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