Today we began choosing our communities for our current unit of inquiry. It was great to see so many people with an idea of what they wanted to do and how they could take action.

At the moment we are still at the ideas stage. You can discuss your ideas with your parents, but don't ask them to help you just yet, we need to have a clear idea of what it is that you will need to have help with.

You can start brainstorming your ideas. You might want to start using and share what you are doing with other students in your group. 5SM will soon have accounts and will be able to join in the designs.

A great start to the each of your communities, well done for showing lots of enthusiasm!


09/01/2009 8:32pm

COOL! Is the picture of the rugby group???

09/01/2009 11:15pm

09/01/2009 11:17pm

hey to the girls who are reading this we mite need you as a chearleader
go hk dragonflies

09/02/2009 12:49am

were did you find these games

09/02/2009 12:50am

i wonder if shane has something like this

09/02/2009 6:21pm

Thanx for the update

09/02/2009 10:14pm

thanks for the update and paul we don't need cheerleaders

09/06/2009 1:19pm

eew! iwould never be a cheerleader,
shouldn't you be focesing on the rugby
team not cheerleaders?

09/09/2009 8:31pm

AHHH I don't want to be a CHEERLEADER!?

09/09/2009 9:23pm


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