It was great to meet all of you today both students and parents. I am very excited about joining HKA and look forward to the year ahead and the learning journey that I undertake with all of the students. This website will be a place where lots of information is given and if you have a question in the future about something happening in the class it is best to check here first. Just a note on the schedule. At the moment it is only in draft form. I still have to confirm a library time and one other thing. Once I can confirm all of the times all students will have a copy to bring home, and to put into their communication diaries which they will be getting soon.
If you have any questions please use the contact form above or email me at my hka email address.
Once again it was great to meet everybody and I look forward to the year ahead.


08/19/2009 11:56pm

I think this website is a good idea.

08/20/2009 9:52pm

I like how you tell us how to be ready tomorrow, now i know what we are going to do!!!

08/21/2009 12:05am

I did gramar ninja, and it was so fun!

08/21/2009 6:53pm

I think that uphill rush would be a fun game for the class because it tests there skills.

08/21/2009 7:09pm

cool web site!

08/25/2009 11:09pm

08/25/2009 11:14pm

Awesome website the games are a great way of learning.

09/02/2009 12:30am

the website makes our lifes easier and you got a lot of games there hope i can play the the games

09/12/2009 2:39pm

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