Today you were given your homework diaries. It is your responsibility to write your homework into them, especially for specialist teachers. Remember to bring your diary to school every day. You can also keep track of special events and dates in the calendar section.

Design tasks
We currently have two design tasks that you can choose to do. One is a competition for the front of the new homework diary. We will select our favourite design this Friday. You can submit as many designs as you like. You can even create them on a computer.
The second design task is to create a name sign for your cubby hole / storage box. You should make it unique, and remember it will be the first thing in the classroom that people see when they come in, and will represent you.

Summer holiday pictures
We're collecting summer holiday pictures for our first album. Email or bring them to me on a flash disk. One picture per person.

Don't forget to read the family links math letter with your parents tonight and continue with the scavenger hunt on page 3 and 4 of the maths journal.

Well done to Omer for reaching level 37!


08/25/2009 4:43pm


08/26/2009 5:42pm

Andy when I click on Bloons the game never comes up on the screen but I hear it's a really good game.

08/26/2009 11:25pm

same as Andrew(can't get on bloons

08/28/2009 10:26pm

Loved all the cool designs!

09/02/2009 10:21pm

still can't get bloons

09/03/2009 12:32am

me too bloons looks like a good gsme but it doesnt work

09/07/2009 9:30pm

i'v never played bloons before

09/12/2009 2:38pm

Bloons is an awsome game! I think level 27 is the hardest.

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