We are now the proud parents of a classroom dog called DJ. After an intensive day of debating and voting, a consensus was finally reached and the dog became DJ.

Also well done to Omer for his classroom diary front cover design that was selected by the other students to grace the front cover of all the homework diaries. There were some creative and colourful designs which showed the effort the students had put into them.

Today I asked you to write as many different words as you could about the IB learner profile. I combined all of your words and created a word cloud. You can see the results below. Have a good weekend!
Wordle: IB learner profile brainstorm


08/28/2009 10:20pm

love how you merged all our words together

08/31/2009 8:52pm

thats a cool way to present our ideas

08/31/2009 9:37pm

i didn't know what the words said,
but when you really look at it its
i love the idea of mushing the words

08/31/2009 11:34pm

i like the way of putting all of the words that we came up with a big mushy cloud shape

09/01/2009 8:28pm

COOL! Love the idea of mushing the words together! AWSOME!

09/01/2009 11:23pm

want there but looks pretty cool!

09/02/2009 12:26am

can we comment on something else to?

09/03/2009 9:59pm

Go DJ!!!

09/06/2009 1:22pm

i hate the name dj!
but if you look at the brite side,it
could stand for dogy joe.

09/09/2009 9:26pm

Oh yea! Good idea Astrid! Love the word cloud ;)
I still liked BBJB more...

04/13/2010 2:40pm


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