Well done everyone for a very positive first day. I hope you take some time tonight to share your expectation for Grade 5 with your parents. Today I asked you to choose three profiles from the IB learner profile that best described you. The three profiles that best describe me are, inquirer, principled and open-minded. I enjoy finding out new things, especially relating to technology and all the new great tools on the internet that are called web 2.0 tools. I believe that I live my life according to the principle of equality and fairness and I hope that you all find that I am fair in class. I also enjoy traveling and living overseas and exploring different cultures and their people, I think it's hard to live overseas without being open-minded.
Tomorrow you will be asked to set three goals. We already looked at a goal during the orientation, but tomorrow we look at a personal goal, a school goal and a future goal (this may be what you want to be when you are older). Have a think about these ready for tomorrow.
If you have time tonight, how about testing your grammar. Are you a grammar ninja. Click here to find out.


08/21/2009 12:55am

The grammer Ninja was quite fun

08/22/2009 1:38pm

I loved the grammer Ninja

08/25/2009 11:31pm

I loved grammar ninja iv'e never understood nouns and verbs

09/12/2009 2:41pm

The three profiles that best describe me are thinker, principled, and caring.

PS Grammar ninja is so COOL!

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